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    Founded in 2013, we are a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, development, and sales of premium accessories. Our product range is extensive, encompassing protective cases, screen protectors, USB chargers, car chargers, wireless chargers, power banks, car holders, data cables, headphones, TWS (True Wireless Stereo) devices, speakers, fans, game devices, and more. Under the visionary leadership of our CEO and through the relentless efforts of our dedicated staff, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and brand operator in the mobile phone accessories industry. Our journey has been marked by continuous innovation, adaptation to market trends, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our diverse product line is a testament to our commitment to meeting the varied needs of our customers. We utilize the latest technologies and materials to create products that are not only functional but also stylish and durable. From protective cases that shield devices from everyday wear and tear to advanced wireless chargers that offer convenience and efficiency, our products are designed to enhance the digital experience. With an operating philosophy of "clients on top & quality comes first," we have expanded our footprint to over 30 countries and regions worldwide. Our global network includes partnerships in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, the UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional OEM and ODM services, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
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    We integrated all of our accumulated supply chain resources over the years to build a complete supply chain system. We have established strategic cooperative relationships with suppliers across all sectors, including raw material factories, equipment manufacturers, design studios, packaging companies, logistics agents, and professional service providers. This ensures that we can quickly respond to customers' orders and guarantee timely production and shipment. Outstanding R&D capability is the magic key to our brand's vitality. We have an excellent R&D team composed of experienced engineers and designers who provide comprehensive solutions, including product appearance, structure, electronics, and more. All you need to do is tell us your detailed requirements, and we will handle everything until your concept becomes a reality. Our professional sales team acts as a bridge between the company and our customers. With flexible minds and clear logic, our sales representatives are well-trained in the company’s products and services. They can offer professional recommendations, develop better sales channels and marketing methods according to your situation, and provide the best services and support throughout the entire sales process.
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    New technologies have shortened the distance between people around the world, and innovative business models are creating closer connections between factories and consumers. As we step into a new era of smart technology, we aim for our accessories to add convenience and joy to consumers' daily lives. While our products may not be essential, we hope they can act as 'life condiments,' enhancing your life in small yet meaningful ways. Adhering to the principle of 'People Oriented,' we are dedicated to continuous development in the digital accessories industry. Our vision extends beyond mere business transactions; we seek to build long-term, win-win relationships with our customers. We strive to understand and anticipate your needs, ensuring our products and services exceed your expectations. Our product range is designed to keep up with the fast-paced technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. From sleek protective cases and ultra-efficient wireless chargers to stylish headphones and innovative game devices, each product is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, quality, and functionality. We believe that even the smallest accessory can make a significant difference in your everyday life. Choosing us means choosing a partner who values trust, quality, and innovation. We are committed to being a reliable ally in your digital life, consistently delivering products that enhance your experiences. With our strong foundation and forward-thinking approach, we are confident that we can support you in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • A Responsible Brand
    "R" stands for the English word "Responsible." Being a responsible enterprise has always been our pursuit. A sense of responsibility is the internal force that keeps us on track. We strive to be responsible in various ways: For Our Customers: We provide qualified products at reasonable prices, never selling shoddy goods as quality ones or fake products as original. Our commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction and trust; For Our Suppliers: We ensure that they can complete production according to the required quality and quantity standards. Our collaboration is based on mutual respect and reliability; For Our Employees: We foster a work environment where employees are encouraged to work faithfully and maintain a spirit of teamwork. This enables us to serve our customers better and achieve our collective goals; Our dedication to responsibility drives us to maintain high standards and build strong, trustworthy relationships with everyone involved in our business.
  • An Efficiency Work
    Effective communication and prompt execution are vital components of our efficiency. We invest in advanced communication tools and training programs to ensure that our team members can collaborate seamlessly and respond swiftly to any challenges that arise. Clear, concise communication helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is aligned with our goals. Supply Chain and Inventory Management: We recognize the importance of maintaining a robust supply chain and efficient inventory management. Our extensive warehouse space and well-managed product inventory allow us to fulfill orders quickly and reliably. By forecasting demand accurately and managing stock levels effectively, we can avoid shortages and ensure timely deliveries; Customer Satisfaction: Our efficiency directly translates into better service for our customers. By reducing lead times and ensuring on-time delivery, we enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty. We understand that our customers value prompt and reliable service, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations; Innovation and Technology: Embracing innovation and leveraging the latest technology are key to maintaining our efficiency. We continuously explore new tools and techniques that can automate routine tasks, streamline operations, and improve overall performance.
  • A Group of Zealotry People
    "Z" stands for the English word "Zealotry." We believe that cultivating interest is the best way to sustain zealotry. To stimulate our employees’ enthusiasm and teamwork spirit, we organize a variety of engaging activities and outdoor training sessions. These activities not only enhance morale but also foster a strong sense of community and collaboration within our team. Employee Engagement and Team Building: Our fun activities range from team-building exercises and sports events to creative workshops and social gatherings. Outdoor training sessions often include adventure sports, problem-solving challenges, and leadership development exercises. These initiatives are designed to boost employee morale, encourage personal growth, and strengthen the bonds between team members. By investing in our employees' well-being and development, we create a positive and energetic workplace that translates into better performance and innovation. Innovative Marketing and Product Development: We are committed to keeping our brand dynamic and relevant in a fast-paced market. Our marketing strategies are constantly evolving to engage our audience in new and exciting ways. We host product launches, interactive social media campaigns, and exclusive customer events to maintain high levels of interest and excitement. Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty: We understand that customer engagement is crucial for building lasting relationships. We implement various strategies to connect with our customers on a deeper level, such as personalized marketing, loyalty programs, and customer feedback loops. By listening to our customers and responding to their needs, we create a sense of community and trust.
  • A Charitable Enterprise
    "CH" stands for the English word "Charitable." The founder of REZCH started from scratch and understands the challenges of life. He is committed to giving back to the community. Under his leadership, REZCH actively participates in various public benefit activities and donates a portion of the company’s profits to those in need, such as left-behind children, homeless elders, and people with disabilities. We believe that REZCH will continue to grow and thrive with a charitable heart. A Commitment to Social Responsibility: At REZCH, we recognize that our success is intertwined with the well-being of the communities we serve. Our commitment to social responsibility is deeply embedded in our corporate culture, driven by the personal experiences and values of our founder. He has instilled a sense of duty and compassion in the company, reminding us of the importance of giving back. Community Engagement and Support: We engage in a wide range of charitable activities aimed at making a positive impact on society. Building a Better Future Together: We believe that by fostering a culture of charity and social responsibility, we can inspire our employees, partners, and customers to join us in making a difference. Our charitable initiatives are not just about giving back; they are about building a better future for everyone. We encourage our employees to participate in community service and support causes they are passionate about, creating a collective impact that amplifies our efforts.The Heart of REZCH: With a charitable heart at the core of our company, REZCH is dedicated to contributing to the well-being of society. We are confident that our commitment to charity will drive our company to greater heights, as we believe that true success is measured not only by our achievements but also by the positive change we bring to the world.